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Feeling Hungry? How’d You Sleep Last Night?

Feeling hungrier than usual? Sleep and weight gain have been linked before but a new study shows that getting too little sleep makes you more hungry than normal. The researchers Uppsala University in Sweden used functional MRI to look at the brains of 12 normal weight men while they looked at … [Read more...]

Popular Spinbrush Gets FDA Warning

The battery operated Arm & Hammer Spinbrush has been on the market for many years and is popular with kids and adults. Kids like it because it makes brushing fun and adults like an electric toothbrush that can be bought for such a reasonable price but the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is … [Read more...]

Downsized Candy Still Bad for Teeth

Snickers and Twix are getting downsized by candy maker Mars. No, they are going away but they will be smaller. The price will probably remain the same but the company is trying to make all of its chocolate products contain 250 calories or less according to this news video. Some people will … [Read more...]

Smokers Have Oral Health Issues

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) surveyed 16,000 adults and it should be an eye-opener for patients who smoke. Not only are smokers more likely to have oral health problems, they are also much less likely to visit the dentist regularly (or at all). More than one-third of the … [Read more...]

Kids Need To Start Dental Visits Early In Life

Kids who start visiting the dentist early in life have lots of advantages. In honor of National Children’s Dental Health Month we feel we thought we would point out a few benefits of regular general family dentistry visits for the little ones. Because children who have regular dental visits have … [Read more...]