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You Can Protect Your Child From the #1 Childhood Disease

Parents - do you know what the most common childhood infectious disease is? You probably would never guess that tooth decay is the answer. You can protect your children from experiencing dental decay, cavities are not an inevitable part of childhood. Most people don't think that dental decay is a … [Read more...]

Chewing Tobacco Chemical Linked to Cancers

All types of tobacco are a serious health hazard. We've known for a long time about the effects of smoking cigarettes.  We have also discovered that smokeless tobacco is no safer -- using chewing tobacco or snuff  causes oral cancer. What is news is that scientists have isolated a chemical from … [Read more...]

Signs You Might Have Gum Disease

Most people don't think too much about gum disease and most don't know the warning signs. They brush, they floss and they think they've got their oral health care covered. Unfortunately, life isn't always fair when it comes to gum disease. Certain health conditions and drugs can make you more … [Read more...]

Chocolate Bunny Ears Good For Teeth

Go ahead and bite the ears off that chocolate bunny this Easter. Your dentist will be happy that you are eating chocolate, especially dark chocolate.  Chocolate and cocoa (which chocolate is made from) offer a host of health benefits including some for your smile. The world's largest scientific … [Read more...]

The High Cost of Sleep Apnea

Staying awake and alert during long drives is difficult for anyone, but for people with sleep apnea it can be impossible. A Texas woman just won a $3.25 million lawsuit against a trucking company because one of their drivers fell asleep at the wheel and rear ended a stopped car at 65 mph - the … [Read more...]