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Dentures: Your Choices and How To Care For Them

We try to avoid it but sometimes teeth need to be removed. When teeth are missing it is difficult to eat, speak and social situations are uncomfortable. Dentures can restore your ability to chew, smile and speak clearly. Today we have choices when we make dentures. Many patients want to avoid … [Read more...]

Choices For Replacing Your Lost Tooth

When an adult loses a tooth it can be very upsetting. Even if you have taken very good care of your teeth accidents can happen but most teeth are lost because of decay or gum disease. The good news is we have several options for replacing missing teeth including dental bridges and dental implants. … [Read more...]

Skip Your Dental Cleaning And You Are Skipping Health Benefits

Skipping your regular dental cleaning means skipping out on several things that will benefit your overall health. Most of us go to the dentist at least once a year. A survey by the Centers for Disease control found that 71% of women had their teeth cleaned in 2008. That still leaves about 30% of … [Read more...]

Is Your Energy Drink Eating Your Teeth?

Energy drinks have become incredibly popular among adults and teens in the past several years but did you know that energy drinks can harm your teeth? A study published in the journal General Dentistry found an increase in the damage teen athletes are doing to their teeth. This damage is not being … [Read more...]

Happy National Smile Month

OK - I know there is a month, week or day for just about everything but in May we celebrate National Smile Month. Of course, dentists everywhere celebrate beautiful, healthy smiles every day! Perhaps your smile isn't quite ready for National Smile Month. Over time our smiles can darken and become … [Read more...]