Archives for December 2012

Your Perfect Smile – Without Fear

Is fear keeping you from your perfect smile? There are a lot of people who avoid needed dental care because of their anxiety. ¬†Because preventive care is avoided, we usually only see these patients when they are experiencing a dental emergency. Sedation dentistry allows patients who feel anxious … [Read more...]

New Year, New Toothbrush

Are you starting out the new year with a new toothbrush? That's great - but how often do you change your toothbrush? A recent study in Germany showed that the majority of Germans change their toothbrush every six months, which is waaaay too long between changes! People who use their toothbrush … [Read more...]

Chipped Tooth A Common Cosmetic Problem

Have you ever chipped a tooth? Don't feel bad, chipped teeth are a common cosmetic repair that we see in our practice. The reasons for a chipped tooth range from accidents to people who grind their teeth so severely they cause breakage How we repair the damage depends on the size and location of … [Read more...]

Think You Can’t Get Cavities In your 60’s or 70’s?

Think only kids get cavities? Think again. Many people find that when they get older the "golden years" bring lots of new cavities. Why would you suddenly start getting cavities when you are in your 60's or 70's? Often we can blame medications that are taken for other conditions. A common side … [Read more...]

New Year, New Smile!

Are you thinking about starting the new year with a new smile? A recent survey showed that about 65% of us are unhappy with the appearance of our smile and that 96% of us believe that having a great looking smile enhances your appearance and your social life! With new cosmetic dentistry … [Read more...]