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Canker Sores – Annoying and Painful

Canker sores always seem to pop up at the worse times!  These annoyingly painful little sores can appear on the mucous membranes inside your cheeks, on your gums or tongue. Researchers still are not quite sure why we get them and no treatments make them go away quickly. There does seem to be a … [Read more...]

Medford, OR Dental Crowns in Only One Visit

The Medford, OR family dentists at Rothfus Family Dental want to make your life a little easier by offering dental crowns in just one visit. Getting your dental restorations, including crowns, veneers, inlays and onlays, in only one visit sounds too good to be true. But using  CEREC  technology … [Read more...]

Diabetes and High Rates of Gum Disease

Do you have diabetes? We know that diabetics have a higher rate of gum disease than patients who do not, but new research suggests ways they can protect themselves. Additional evidence linking type 2 diabetes with a greater risk of gum disease has been published in the journal Diabetes Research … [Read more...]

How Your Stomach Problems Affect Your Smile

It seems like more and more people are dealing with chronic stomach problems like GERD and these problems can affect your smile. GERD is short-hand for gastroesophageal reflux disorder, commonly referred to as heartburn. The discomfort felt by GERD sufferers is caused by the stomach acid rising into … [Read more...]

Researchers Look To Nature To Solve Sensitive Teeth

Teeth that are sensitive to hot, cold, sweet or sour foods and drinks make life miserable for a lot of people. Researchers have reported in the American Chemical Society journal ACS Applied Materials a novel advance toward dealing with sensitive teeth using ideas from Mother Nature. Our teeth … [Read more...]