Can You Tell If You’ve Got A Too Decay?

There is a big dental myth that people can tell when they have a cavity! The truth is that tooth decay doesn’t cause any discomfort – not until it is really serious.4 billion people worldwide suffer from tooth decay, Rothfus Family Dental can hel pyou avoid tooth decay.

Toothache pain happens when tooth decay is very advanced and has already damaged the nerve. Allowing tooth decay to reach this advanced stage means that treatment is much more involved and costly. Because the nerve is involved, root canal therapy may be needed, in addition to restoring the tooth.

Teeth don’t have the ability to heal themselves. Once tooth decay has started the only way to keep it from advancing is to visit your dentist. Today we no longer have to have those ugly, mercury filled amalgam fillings! Modern dental materials used to restore teeth actually help strengthen the tooth and, because they are tooth colored, are virtually invisible.

Preventing Tooth Decay

The good news is that tooth cavities are preventable. Brushing teeth twice a day is important. Even more important is flossing – it doesn’t just protect your gum health. Flossing cleans between teeth where cavities often form.

Regular dental checkups can catch little cavities before they become big ones. Fluoride treatments can help harden your teeth against tooth decay and dental sealants are wonderful for protecting the chewing surfaces of children’s teeth.

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