6 Reasons To Keep Your Smile Healthy

Looking for excuses for not flossing? You won't find them here. A healthy smile is key to your overall wellness. Here are 6 ways that a healthy smile helps you live a healthier life: The chronic inflammation from gum disease has been associated with heart attack and stroke. Oral bacteria can … [Read more...]

Could A New Drug Treatment For Gum Disease Be On The Way?

There are lots of diseases that can be treated by taking a pill - gum disease isn't one of them. Drug treatment for gum disease is currently limited to topical antibiotics but a drug called Oxantel may add to our arsenal of treatment. Gum disease affects one-third to one-half of the adult … [Read more...]

Taking Statins? Reduced Gum Inflammation a Plus

Many people take statin drugs to lower their cholesterol and new research has shown that the drugs also reduce the inflammation associated with gum disease. Gum disease affects about half of the US adult population and causes chronic inflammation. The study, published in the Journal of the … [Read more...]

High Fructose Corn Syrup More Damaging to Teeth

High fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is advertised as being the same thing as sugar. Calorie-wise, this is true. Both table sugar and HFCS contain the same number of calories and the human body absorbs them in the same way. There are some important differences between regular sugar and high fructose … [Read more...]

Gummy Vitamins Not So Great

Gummy vitamins are a big hit among kids and parents. In fact, I've even seen gummy vitamins for adults! While these vitamins may be an easy way to get some missing nutrients, the "gummy" part is not so great for the teeth. Like any other sticky candy, gummy vitamins contain a lot of sugar. This … [Read more...]