Sticky Candy Causes Big Problems

Sticky candy is the cause of a lot of dental problems – including some you probably wouldn’t think of.Sedation dentistry from Rothfus Family Dental in Medford, OR can allow you to receive needed dental care without fear or anxiety.

The problem with sticky candy for kids is that it literally “sticks” all that sugar to the teeth and lets the bad oral bacteria have a free-for-all in your child’s mouth. This leads to cavities which is something we don’t want to see in young children (or anyone for that matter).

Sticky candy causes a different set of problems when eaten by adults. Yes, we don’t often admit it but that box of Jujubes at the movies looks awfully tempting… Don’t do it!

Sticky candy and adult dental work just don’t get along. Most adults have some dental work in their mouths. Caramels and candy bars have been known to pull dental bonding, veneers and crowns off of teeth.

What to do in a dental emergency

The first thing to do when you realize that your dental restoration has been pulled from your tooth is avoid swallowing! Most of the time dental crowns are not damaged when this happens and we can simply clean up the old crown and cement it back in place. Saving the restoration that has been pulled out is a substantial savings for you.

You may or may not feel discomfort at the site of the missing restoration. If you are in pain please do not hesitate to contact us for emergency care.

The best way to avoid dental emergencies, besides avoiding sticky candy, is to keep a regular schedule of dental visits. At each dental hygiene visit we not only clean your teeth but check existing restorations to make sure they are in good condition. Contact Rothfus Family Dental today at 541-858-7994 to schedule your next visit.