Survey Says Bad Breath #3 Worst Smell

Survey says: 

A British waste disposal company did a survey and found that bad breath was the third worst bad smell in Britain. I wonder how  the United States would rank bad breath if we did a similar survey?bad breath

According to the survey the top ten worse smells in Britain are:

  • Baby poo
  • Sewers on a hot day
  • Bad breath
  • Wet dog
  • Flatulence
  • Human sweat
  • Rotten food
  • Smoking
  • Smelly feet
  • The ‘juice’ at the bottom of your bin (trash can)

Not much can be done about some of those smells but bad breath is a problem that can be solved – most of the time.

Most cases of bad breath come from the mouth – it is unusual that a medical condition causes bad breath. Good oral hygiene including proper brushing and flossing every day will reduce the bacteria population in the mouth. Regular dental hygiene visits will keep your gums healthy. People who have active gum disease usually don’t have terrific breath.

Lots of foods can cause bad breath. The usual culprits we think of are onions and garlic. Add things like coffee and alcohol to the list as well as sugary sodas. Dairy products can also trigger bad breath. Plus one of the other items on the list, smoking (comes just before smelly feet), causes terrible bad breath. Stop smoking and you might cut out two of the top ten!

Some things that help your breath smell fresher include water -keeping your mouth moist reduces bad breath, chewing sugar free gum helps clean the teeth and promotes saliva production and eating crunchy vegetables like bell peppers or celery help scrub away bacteria on teeth and promote fresh breath.

Going back to that list from Britain, I wonder where “cat box” fell in the rankings! Keep your breath from ending up on anyone’s bad list by contacting Rothfus Family Dental today at 541-858-7994.