Top 3 Reasons People Skip The Dentist

People have lots of reasons for skipping their dental visits but they usually fall into 3 main categories including cost, anxiety or they feel that their teeth are healthy and they don’t need care. Rothfus Family Dental offers 3 reasons people skip the dentist.

The truth is that everyone needs regular dental care! Our mouth allows us to eat, communicate, smile and kiss – spending a little time at eh dental office to keep your mouth healthy shouldn’t be too much to ask. In fact, the cost of preventative dental care is very reasonable. Most people think of visiting the dentist like they think of visiting the doctor – if you don’t have insurance you can’t afford to go. But that isn’t true in the case of dentistry. Dental insurance covers only a very small amount of care each year. The better policies do cover regular checkups and cleanings but many policies have such low limits that they aren’t worth the premiums. The national average for dental hygiene visits is around $100. Depending upon where you live it could be a little more or a little less.

For this fee you are receiving an oral cancer check, your gums are teeth are checked for problems, tartar and plaque are removed and your teeth are polished. I’m not sure where else you could spend so much time with a health care provider for so little. By keeping up your regular dental hygiene visits you are protecting yourself from future expenses for gum disease treatment and, because we can spot potential cavities, we can catch them before they grow into bigger problems. Avoiding a root canal sounds good, doesn’t it? Let’s add to the cost savings of a healthy mouth – lower rates of heart disease, diabetes and other serious conditions! A healthy mouth saves health care dollars and keeps you healthier overall.

Fear and anxiety are common reasons for skipping the dentist. Don’t let fear keep you from having good oral health – using sedation dentistry we can give you the care that you need (even preventative care) without fear or anxiety! Ask us about your options for a more relaxing dental visit.

Surprisingly, some people who skip out on dental visits are the ones who brush and floss like crazy. These folks believe that since they have such good home care habits and nothing hurts, that they don’t need to visit the dentist. Wrong, brushing and flossing are an integral part of having a healthy mouth but only a professional dental cleaning can remove plaque below the gum line. Getting rid of plaque is critical to avoiding gum disease!

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