What’s Your Excuse for Avoiding the Dentist?

Human beings are really good at making excuses for things. Especially when it comes to avoiding doing things we know we should do…Rothfus Family Dental in Medford, OR can help with sedation dentistry.

So what is your excuse for avoiding the dentist? Some people think oral health isn’t very important (check the science – oral health is crucial to overall good health). Other people  experience anxiety or fear about dental visits and think of any excuse to avoid a visit. Lots of people feel that they can’t go to the dentist because they don’t have dental insurance . Whatever the reason, regular dental visits are too important to skip. Think about the use and abuse your teeth get every single day! Is it any wonder we want to check them every six months to make sure everything is OK?

Here are several excuses that people use to avoid visiting the dentist:

  • I don’t have dental insurance. Dental insurance policies typically don’t cover very much anyway. If you stick to regular dental hygiene visits and practice good oral care at home you will be surprised at how little your preventive care will cost. Taking care of your mouth helps prevent expensive situations from popping up in the future. If we do discover a problem it usually costs a lot less to deal with it early. A good example is tooth decay – a small cavity can be filled very easily but if it is ignored it will become a very large cavity, which can turn into a much bigger problem including root canal and a crown.
  • My teeth aren’t that important. Our mouths are very important. We use our teeth to chew our food which is the first step in the digestive process that allows our bodies to draw needed nutrients from the things we eat. Gum disease and tooth decay are caused by oral bacteria. These  oral bacteria can travel throughout the body and have been found everywhere from the heart to inside tumors. Keeping your mouth healthy is key to keeping good overall health.
  • I have dental anxiety. We understand patients who have dental anxiety and fear. Using sedation dentistry we can treat years of neglect and dental damage while you are completely relaxed. Different people require different levels of sedation so we offer a range of options, from nitrous oxide to fearless dentistry using a little pill. You can have a beautiful healthy smile despite your anxiety!
  • I’m afraid the dentist will find something wrong. If you do have trouble brewing in your gums or teeth wouldn’t you want to know? After all oral health problems won’t go away on their own, they will only get worse.

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